Estd:19/October/1897          Regd No: 1350/1982-1983         Renewal No: 1910-2014-2015


Upholding Kshatriya ethics and traditions Education.
Acting as an apex body for effective coordination between Kshatriya organization spread everywhere.
Bringing about unity and social upliftment
Working for the cause of defending the nation and its natural and cultural heritage.
Facing the problems of corruption and exploitation in the society to ensure clean public life.
Activating Kshatriya ladies to avail of all advantages of reservation offered to women.
Keep pace with the current trend of a market economy in improving the economic status of the Kshatriyas.
Having inherited the qualities of Leadership Kshatriyas must be in position in all political parties from Panchayats to Parliament.
Reservations should be extended to all economically weaker sections of the society instead of caste basis.
Promoting social reforms against dowry and expenses after death.
Agricultue should be given tax free facilities on the pattern of industries.